Is Nudism on the Rise? Our Nudist Survey

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For the past four days we have been reaching out to people all across the country about nudity at home. This project was not targeted to a specific state or a specific city. In light of Covid, we were curious as to what it’s play has been on nudity at home. To explain how this was done, our tech team setup a SIP Trunk Robocall program receive answers to specific questions. This was also sent out via email as well. We did however target people that would be mostly be working from home remotely. The source for this survey was by from professionals on LinkedIn that promote their email or phone number.

We performed this until we had 100 qualified results to our questions below. There were 43 that did not complete the survey due to question number 1. There were 22 that did not take the survey at all. So in total, we were able to reach out to 165 individual across the United States.



This is Brittany from Nudist Fitness Dance. Would you mind taking a short survey about how you feel about working from home being in the nude? This is in no way to sell or promote any products and any information provided will be confidential in regards to your name and phone number.

The questions that were asked were:

1: Are you currently working from home for your employment? ( if no, please disregard this call or email ).

2: Having the ability to work from home, are you finding yourself working more in the nude?

3: Prior to working from home, did you work from home in the nude?

4: Is there anything that you would like to add as to why you find yourself working in the nude or other times while not working?

By these questions, we determined the following from the analytics that were gathered.

Question number 1, as stated 43 people declined to take the survey due to not working from home.

Question number 2, out of 100 individuals 62% stated that they were working from home in the nude.

Question number 3, 38% stated that they wore clothes prior to Covid.

Question number 4, we can only determine the highest two results since there were so many different answers. The top two were due to less laundry or saving on power. The second main answer that we received was that they just felt more comfortable.

So from taking the results from our survey of the 100 individuals that took the actual survey. An increase of 24% more people are now working from home in the nude, prior to Covid. We will be performing these surveys every month. Just to see how the numbers increase or decrease. We wish that we started this project months ago, though as stated, we will continue this project.

I want to personally thank our tech team for taking the time to setup the equipment, programming and their time for gathering this information for this survey. Again, I’m just a Fitness Instructor, this post was dedicated to them for the advocating that they perform each day!

7 thoughts on “Is Nudism on the Rise? Our Nudist Survey

  1. Thank you for presenting this material. It must be a lot of work. Late last summer as I was running around the block, I saw a woman, about 20 maybe, and an apparent covid claustrophobic, running around her front yard nude. Maybe the indoor phenomena will continue to move outside in the spring.

  2. Hey Brittany
    This is really interesting.
    British Natursm have made the same sorts of comments, but I don’t know whether they carried out surveys or whether it was more of an anecdotal sort of thing.
    I had only just started walking around nude just before lockdown and certainly worked nude from home when it didn’t involve zoom meetings – I decided against Donald Ducking Lol, because I didn’t want to get caught out having to jump up, say to get my power cord. For a teacher, not a popular look, LOL!

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